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Kambrook Blitz2go Design for Manufacture

Kambrook's Blitz2go was Desconstructed remade in CAD format and assessed for Cost and Parts Reduction.

User testing was conducted for user experience analysis.
The product was redesigned to reduce cost, parts and manufacturing processes - saving money and increasing
profit margin without making the product more expensive for the consumer. 

The Redesign was a group project and my individual contribution was the redesign of the base part.

The height was increased to make it stand out on the market shelf parts which were void- were removed, and the base went from being 3 parts to being 2 and vastly reduced the manufacturing process.

Subtle visual indicators were added to assist the UI in connecting the bottle via the UI to the base. The Base part achieved it's objective in making the product less expensive to produce and increasing user experience while not adding cost to the consumer.