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Emerging Technologies


distributed Artificial intelligence

As the sole UX/UI Designer on the team we designer and pitched a consumer network accessible through Cortana, OK Google and Siri where the machine would be able to put two and two together to achieve a time-value outcome for a consumer and greater manageability of logisitics for the vendor. This project won the regional and national corporate Hackathon prizes and presentation answers were hardcoded across both OK Google and Cortana to wow-factor the judges.

consumer & logisitic network

The platform would cater for 2 user groups. 

1) The consumer who is purchasing from the network through voice activated AI to make well informed purchasing decisions.

2) Commercial use: Restocking by being able to purchase competitors inventory while remaining anonymous.

As the sole designer on the project I was also responsible for branding and the name '' which is a simple play on 'buy'. I also designed the logo which is a 1 way arrow symbolic of achieving a no BS, one way result which you're happy with. The colour choices were chosen to be vibrant and dynamic while also soft as to not distract from the main functionality. Features were kept to a minimum as interaction was primarily through voice with visuals only being seen by a user for confirmation.

Blockchain integration

Blockchain technology was integrated to allow for a highly distributed architecture for validating transactions and exchange of information. With a future outlook on providing consumers with traceability for their products and where each component came from, how & where it was manufactured, so they could decide for themselves whether it was sustainable/environmentally friendly or not.

Internet of Things.png

Wearable technologies

While not entirely a wearable technology the Wifish was designed to be modular so that it could be removed from a tackle box and reused elsewhere. An alternative design with a tackle box performing the same function was also considered however while tackle boxes once upon a time were passed down as heirlooms it is not entirely the case in this modern day of use and throw consumer behaviour. 


The Wifish project was designed to assist the New Old Age demographic (Ages 50+)  in maintaining social activities. Research showed that users in this demographic were digitally able and had the expendable income to purchase technology which aided their daily activities as per popularity of the Fitbit and other wearable technologies. 

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Internet of things

Status - Object - Behaviour was demonstrated in this project meeting the requirements for a fully interactive product which used the internet to access weather data and connect to other devices in the product ecosystem. 

The products in the ecosystem were designed to be connected up permanently to the household wifi for continuous data download.


Arduino and C# coding was used to mimic the object sending it's status as ready for a fishing trip based of the data it had received through the set up wifi. When tackle boxes with the product ecosystem were opened and closed the would trigger activity within the photo sensor and the LEDs in the 2nd unit and would display status of attendance. This would prompt a social behaviour with the user to then initiate a fishing trip.