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UX/UI Design using Arduino

Arduino was used to mimic status, attention and feedback for the product which was designed for the "New Old Age" who were an older generation under the Horizon 2,  5-10 year market, embracing technology, connectivity in the internet of things. 

A tackle box attachment was designed to light up (blue) when conditions were ideal for an upcoming weekend fishing trip. It would be used in a system of multiple products. The product is a 2 part system - one being a sensor which is left inside the tackle box and the indicator which is clipped onto the outside of the box. 

Natural gesture used to check if there is enough tackle for an upcoming fishing trip would trigger the status. When one tackle box was opened the fish - shaped sensor would cause the LED indicator to change color after 10 seconds - to initiate a fishing trip.  All of the product LED-indicators would now glow green, when a second person opened their box for 10 seconds all the boxes would then glow orange and then when the cycle was complete and a third person opened their box - the LED would glow red.

The limit set of 2 people were required to attend a fishing trip so if a 3rd did not confirm after 48 hours a manual method of contact might be pursued by the other 2 attendees. If no one confirmed a fishing trip after 48 hours the system would reset. 

The user experience was an attempt to remind older business men who were still employed or self - employed meaning they worked at all hours to take some time out for themselves. 

The product was integrated into a system with a hiking shoe that consisted of a geo-tracker. The WiFish was an individual project.